FFfAW – Way Out There

This is my entry for the week of December 6th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy it! First time writing a Flash Fiction based on humor. ;P Also a little late I think and over the word limit! D: So sorry Joy!

Originally, this story was supposed to be the sequel to another FFfAW story I had, Lightning Girl, due to similar imagery. In the end, the idea for this story seemed more fun.

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(Photo Credit to Jade M. Wong! Thanks! She’s a good writer and poet so check her blog if you can.)


Way Out There

Zachary rushed into his room and slammed the door. Throwing all of his dirty clothes from off his bed onto the floor, he slipped off his school backpack and placed it on the bed, unzipping the small front pocket.

He breathed in slowly and then exhaled. Reaching inside, he pulled out the small glowing green crystal he had discovered.

“Where…” Zach started, trying to figure this out. “Where did you come from?”

“I came from out there.” the stone explained, an exasperated tone in its voice as though it was talking to a child. Which it was, Zach was only thirteen.

“Out there?” Zach pointed up.


“In… a spaceship?” He hoped his mom didn’t overhear him having this conversation.


“…What kind?”

“A transport unit unlike my own form. We pass this planet often actually, even land to study it.”

“You mean…” he asked confused. “In your form, like a rock? You come from Meteors?”


“Oh…” Zach started to calm. Then he looked thoughtful. “But… how do you, well…” he waved his arms in the air for emphases. “Build it?”


Zach stared and blinked, waiting for a response. Finally, the stone dryly responded.

“…it takes a while.”


Winter Hounds – 11 – Howl Little One, Howl

Winter Hounds – 11 – Howl Little One, Howl

She was just about to pull the trigger. The wolf was about to leap.


And then…


Piercing, shaking and sudden, a loud howl echoed across the snowy plain. It was so loud and close, Naomi immediately glanced in its direction, frowning. Had she missed one? Another attack from behind?


Her eyes immediately refocused to the wolf to land a killing blow when she saw the creature had also been visibly stunned by the noise. It leapt backward, ears down and staring to its right. Immediately, as she registered this and hesitated, the wolf ran toward her.


“No!” she shouted, and fired her rifle at the skirmishing form. The bullet missed, hitting the snow. Naomi backed up, knowing she was done for – when the wolf just ran past her. Scared, it soared across the snow at an amazing speed and disappeared among all the chopped trees. Regaining her footing, she tried to reload her rifle again while searching for some sign of life.





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Keepsake – Part 1

Keepsake – Part 1

-Author’s Note –
This is a sequel to the six part short story, Orchestrated. It features the same characters and takes place in story two months later. Keepsake won’t spoil anything from Orchestrated and will only make small references to it. You don’t need to read Orchestrated first, but it’s recommended if you have time. ;D


I noticed the odor coming off my shoes as I walked up the stairs. I didn’t like taking them off at the front door of our house every time I came home, but that was mom’s rule and one dad supported. Our entire house was wooded floors and they had to remain clean and spotless. Still, it’s not like a big deal. I’d gotten used to carrying them in my hands. As usual I rushed up two steps at a time into my room.


Stepping passed my door, throwing my backpack into the nearby corner with my shoes kicked off in the same direction, I felt excitement wash over me. There were scuff marks on the white walls from former throws and surely I’d just left more. But that’s alright.


It was Friday night, with the entire rest of the weekend to enjoy!


Quickly, reaching over to the coffee table in the middle of my room where the remote rested, I pressed play and the music to my stereo system simply blasted its tunes. Guitars sprung to life and drums hit their beat. I started to tap to the rhythm and couldn’t help but grin.

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A Tribute for Sarah Doughty

This is a small gift of appreciation for Sarah Doughty, who writes honest words filled with satisfying meloncoly.

I really enjoy her blog, where she pours her feelings out every day about depression and loneliness, showing that no one is fighting alone. Her words are inspiring and uplifting so I encourage any reader to check it out!

So without further ado, here’s my take on her writing style, about the demons I face too. Thanks for the inspiration!

I Refuse

Shackled to this stoned floor, I left myself bleeding. But I refuse to dry out.

FFfAW – July 16, 1945

This is my entree for the week of November 22nd 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy it! I wanted to do something a little different for this one, and while I really didn’t do too much research for the details of the story, hopefully it still gets the message across.

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photo-20161121154638229Photo Credit by Footy and Foodie (Thank you!)

July 16, 1945

The first thing I saw was the light.

Far into the distance and across the sea, an encompassing aura lit the sky, and blotched out the falling sun. We did that, with just the flick of a switch. We had forced night itself into day.

The second thing I saw was the sound.

And I could see it. That shockwave carried waves across the ocean. The dust was caught in a mighty roar – or was it the earth’s unmistakable cry for help? The very hillside I stood on, with my companions, shook and shivered, and ached in pain. In another moment, the invisible wave hit us.

We were prepared, protected and shielded. We were at a safe distance, one we had calculated. Still…

“Robert…” I spoke faintly to my friend, barely able to breathe. Oh God… What have we done? 

We’ve gone too far.

“Yes? Yes, Kennedy?” he asked me, a mixture of astonishment and fear on his face, that I know was reflected on mine.

“… Now we are all sons of bitches.”


Apple Pie – Short Story

Apple Pie – Short Story

I picked McDonalds.

I’m so stupid.

Of all the fast food places to choose from in Charleston, South Carolina, I decided in all my brilliance to choose McDonalds. It had to be one of the worst decisions I’d made this month, especially since there was a Chick-Fil-A right across the other side of street- also a Wendy’s, Sonics and so on…

Sighing, I scratched my one week old beard and shook my head as the monitor in front of me changed from a crisp looking hamburger to a chocolate frosty. I’d grown so sick of fast food this past week, but being a trucker and so, on the road often, eating unhealthy was all part of the job. Right now at this moment, I’d kill for my wife’s sautéed salmon and vegetables. She always had a nice meal waiting for me whenever I was away for a week or two. Good food, a welcome home hug from my wife and son…

Instantly I forced my body to shake and my mind to come back to the senses. God I wanted to be home. But I still had hours to go, heading north to Virginia. It had been a long week unloading shipments and I hadn’t even had time to Facetime my boy. He turned seven while I was away.

While on the road I had been listening a CD of the Rolling Stones greatest hits. ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, came to mind.

“Ugh,” I unconsciously muttered. “I need to quit this job.” Then, speaking up a little louder as I wait in line I say, “I shouldn’t have chosen McDonalds.”

There was a lady standing behind me, a little bigger in size, with a blue shirt on and pink highlighted hair and a nose piercing. I heard her chuckle behind me. Then I heard a boy.

“I want apple pie mom! Mom I want an apple pie!”

I smiled at the big girl, but as I took a causal glance at the skinny woman on her cell-phone and loud son behind her, I frowned. The boy had a spiderman shirt on, a gameboy in his hand and a loud mouth.

“Mom. Mom. Mooooom!” I heard the kid yell.

Why did I walk in? Why was I standing in line? Well I had to use the bathroom, see. And McDonalds was on the right side of the street so it just seemed like the easiest choice. I hadn’t thought about my options and now regretted it dearly. What did I want to eat? A McDouble? I was pretty hungry, but my wife’s voice rang in my memory telling me that’s not a good source of nutrients.

“MOM!” The kid shouted so loudly, I glanced over my shoulder again. The mother, who apparently thought her phone call was more important, just ignored him. But, still, the shriek was way too loud, almost busted my eardrums.

Two people stood in front of me, giving their order. A young teenage girl, the sweet kind of looking girl that you hoped your son would be with when he got older, meekly typed in information on the computer screen. It had to be her first day. Besides her, a large guy in a tie who was obviously the manager, called out an order number. If the manager was helping the front line, and with lunch rush, they must be understaffed today. I felt for them-

“Mom! I want an apple pie I want an apple pie I want an apple pie!”

The lady behind me sighed, and I looked behind again. The boy had his hand on his mother’s skirt, literally dragging himself, knees on the floor. His face was red and angry and pouty and the bright colors flashed off his gameboy screen.

“I want an apple PIE!” he yelled loudly, letting it ring throughout the restaurant.

“HEY!” I shouted. I couldn’t take it. Not today. “You know, a quick spanking and that boy would listen to you!”

Suddenly, the entire establishment went quiet and I found my anger subdued. Oh no, I shouldn’t have said anything. The obnoxious boy looked like he was about to cry and the mother gave me the coldest look. She muttered something on the phone and then hung up.

“How dare you tell me how to raise my child. Why don’t you mind your own business?” She told me.

“I want an apple pie!” the kid yelled again.

But she ignored him. The lady with pink hair that stood between us seemed incredibly uncomfortable and took a step to the side so that the mother and I could face each other one on one. I didn’t want a fight, but the attitude of this woman ticked me off.

“Hey I got a kid, and he treats me with a lot more respect-”

“Excuse me sir,” the manager interrupted, and cautiously grabbed my shoulder. I’m not going to hurt anyone, I was just trying to- “If you’re going to cause any more disturbance, then you’re going to have to leave.”

My expression must have shown my disbelief, because he didn’t look me in the eye.

“Yeah and where do you get the nerve!?” the mother shouted.

“Alright that’s enou-” the manager tried to intervene once more when the child yelled again.


At that moment, the restaurant went silent again. The mother grabbed the boy’s mouth and told him how she was going to get an apple pie for him and stay quiet. Besides that, he got off free. Slowly, people started talking again. The manager gave me a gentle nudge and a smile, encouraging me to order. I noticed the big lady with pink hair started to sweat, as though she wanted to say something to me but didn’t.

Suddenly, I realized I was next in line. The young teenage girl looked at me with a nervous expression but smiled in sympathy. As I approached, the manager came up to his employee and said as he gestured to me, “You throw in an extra medium fry for this gentlemen okay?”

The girl, whose name tag read ‘Mitchell’, nodded.

That’s not good enough! That’s not the point of me yelling at the mother and her brat! Why was no one saying anything? It’s not my place. But it’s been a long day, and to hear a spoiled kid cry over something like that seemed to unfair. The injustice. The disrespect. God, I just wanted to be home. And I don’t get to be home, and be there for my son every day and help raise our child with my wife-

“Sir? Can I take your order?” the young girl asked with that same smile, and apologetic eyes.

“Uh… yeah, okay. I think I’m gonna have a number two…” My head started to hurt.

“MOM! I want an apple pie!” The kid screamed again and I winced, and shut my eyes.

I’m just going to order. Get myself something to eat, and listen to the Rolling Stones all the way back home…

And then… suddenly…

It was like this dark setting brightened up. Because I remembered a little something from Mick Jagger. “Apple pie,” I responded with the idea, as though everything now made sense. I put on my best smile to the cashier. “Apple pie. I feel like an apple pie, Mitchell. How many do you have?”

The girl blinked in response.

“Um… how many, sir?” she quickly checked in her computer. “Uh, until the next shipment, we have twenty three apple pies left in-”

“Perfect!” I replied with a grin. “My name is Charlie, I won’t do sir. And I’ll take them all. All of them.

“Y-yes sir, I mean Charlie. We’ll put the order in for you.” After she typed it up and gave me the price of $33.60 she said, “And you’ll be getting a medium fry with that.”

I nodded and walked away to wait for my food. I looked over at the mother and her child, who looked mortified and ready to kill. I grinned at her. In a few moments, I’ll have a large McDonalds bag filled with Apple Pies, which I could munch on the entire way home, give a few to the son and maybe one for the wife if she wanted it.

And I’ll be cheering the whole way.

Sometimes, in a world that’s so upside down … it feels nice to win one.


This story was actually based on a true story I heard about from a friend. I looked up it and you can probably find article if you search for “Apple Pie story burger king”. Apparently there was some guy who got fed up with this screaming kid and a mother who wouldn’t say anything while the child just screamed for apple pie. He tried to say something but the mother got angry with him instead. So in response, the man bought every apple pie at the restaurant.

All other settings, situations and names are purely fiction. But I loved the news article and figured I’d write a good take on it. xD