“Do you remember being hunted by them?” – Laurence


Set in a world of eternal winter, Laurence and his daughter Naomi travel into the unknown region of the forest, searching for the cause of the phenomenon occurring near their village.

As they deluge deeper into the woods, the distinct signs of being hunted by the hounds becomes apparent…




This fictional story is currently being updated. Here you can find a table of contents, author comments and extras concerning the story. Enjoy!


Written by Michael Hernandez,
Edited and Reviewed by Jessie Hernandez
Minor plot suggestions by Harrison Coulter


(Table of Contents)

Prologue – Outsider
Chapter 1 – The Girl and the Sheriff
Chapter 2 – Ghost Stories
Chapter 3 – No One There
Chapter 4 – Confident Liar
Chapter 5 – Prey
Chapter 6 – Laurence
Chapter 7 – Until She Returns (Parts 1 & 2)
Chapter 8 – The First Steps
Chapter 9 – Tower Fall
Chapter 10 – Among the Graves
Chapter 11 – Howl Little One, Howl



With every chapter written in Winter Hounds, I include song lyrics at the very end that I thought fit with the theme and feel of it. Below is a list of songs that will get updated as more chapters are released.

1.”Closer” by Kings of Leon
2.”Ventilator Blues” by The Rolling Stones
3. “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac
4. “Honest” by Band of Skulls
5. “Broken Boy Soldier” by The Raconteurs
6. “The Funeral” by Band of Horses
7. “Desperado” by The Eagles
8. “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men
9. “Violet Hill” by Coldplay
10. “River” by Bishop Briggs
11. “Ripe and Ruin” by Alt-JΔ