Status – 8/17 Chapters Completed
Genres – Drama, Heartwarming, Coming of Age, Science Fiction

Orchestrated Series

Status – Completed
Genres – Drama, Mystery, Coming of Age
Synopsis – “A young boy named Austin decides to become involved in a friend’s life, when realizes her talent in music isn’t giving her freedom, but keeping her in chains.”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Status – Incomplete
Genres – Drama, Mystery, Coming of Age
Synopsis – “One sentence sparks a dispute between Sam and his father. Caught in the middle and Austin tries to understand his friend who stubbornly refuses reconcile.”
Note – Sequel to Orchestrated

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


-Short Stories-

Return – Nov 25th 2015/Word Count: 2,339/Drama, Heartwarming/Synopsis: ‘A young man travels home in the rain.’
Warm November 27th 2015/Word Count: 1,615/Heartwarming, Romance/Synopsis: ‘It’s hard to stay warm when you’re sick with a cold.’
Witness – December 2nd 2015/Word Count:773/Suspense, Thriller/Synopsis: ‘A young girl witnesses a murder take place.’
Hiding Place
Murmurings You Couldn’t Hear (Collection)
5 Days
Guest Room
Carry that Weight
Apple Pie

-Flash Fiction-

Blur – September 2nd 2016
Fire – September 12th 2016
Lightning Girl – September 16th 2016
What is Heaven? – September 25th 2016
Old Friends – October 19th 2016
Trespassing – October 26th 2016
Reach for Elsewhere – October 27th 2016
July 16, 1945 – November 22nd 2016
Way Out There – December 12th 2016
Quiet – December 17th 2016
Blind – December 23rd 2016