FFfAW – Blind

This is my entry for the week of December 20th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! This is definitely a darker entry of mine and based off of the serial I’m working on here at FOwB. The story takes place some time in the story of Winter Hounds, but will not contain any spoilers and is a stand alone, so no worries.

Either way, hope you enjoy!

(Photo Credit by Joy Pixley!)


Joel pressed the rifle to his chest listening to his own heartbeat and the sound of his lungs as they contracted and expanded. In and out, in and out…

Under the tree, covered by snow and fog, his eyes couldn’t see anything but white. The soles of his shoes built up dirt as he scuffled, trying to control the shaking of his body.

A howl echoed from far away.

His teeth clenched together. Eyes shut closed, filling his pores further with the dirt and moisture on his face. The world had become quiet, so he stopped his breathing completely.

Gain … control … come on. Calm down Joel… come on.

But his mind whispered loudly, because Nathan, Samuel and the mighty Boone were already gone.

Another howl called out to only him. It was much closer. The hounds, the hounds were coming to get him. Joel slowly opened his eyes and raised his rifle, aiming it into the white abyss.

He waited.

And waited.

One more moment, and I’ll ru-

When the moment passed, he was dead too.


Winter Hounds – 11 – Howl Little One, Howl

Winter Hounds – 11 – Howl Little One, Howl

She was just about to pull the trigger. The wolf was about to leap.


And then…


Piercing, shaking and sudden, a loud howl echoed across the snowy plain. It was so loud and close, Naomi immediately glanced in its direction, frowning. Had she missed one? Another attack from behind?


Her eyes immediately refocused to the wolf to land a killing blow when she saw the creature had also been visibly stunned by the noise. It leapt backward, ears down and staring to its right. Immediately, as she registered this and hesitated, the wolf ran toward her.


“No!” she shouted, and fired her rifle at the skirmishing form. The bullet missed, hitting the snow. Naomi backed up, knowing she was done for – when the wolf just ran past her. Scared, it soared across the snow at an amazing speed and disappeared among all the chopped trees. Regaining her footing, she tried to reload her rifle again while searching for some sign of life.





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Winter Hounds – 10 – Among the Graves

Winter Hounds – 10 – Among the Graves


“Are you scared of wolves?”


“You’re nothing but a dog.”


“My momma said, the hounds are coming to get her.”



“I’m sorry Naomi, but there’s no one there.”
“Mom was here.”



“…I’m not allowed to play with you any more…”





“Are you going to walk out into the woods,
when you die?”



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Winter Hounds – Chapter 9

Winter Hounds – Chapter 9

Tower Fall


(Present Day)


With a final, careful footstep, she reached the top of the snow covered stairway. Her face felt burned by the cold winds that had picked up from this height. Multiple times she had stopped as a harsh gust threatened to blow her off the side of the cliff, using her left hand to steady herself against the rock face.


Thankfully, her boots had treads for slick surfaces, which helped. Despite that, as she reached the very top of the cliff, she moved away from the edge as quickly as possible.


‘God I wish it were summer…’ How could she ever have hated summer time before?


Gathering her bearings, she pulled on and adjusted her backpack once more. Taking steady breaths, fog covering her vision, she looked ahead.


She stopped breathing and could only stare.


Beyond her, the landscape was open and snow filled. A large field that stretched for… miles? She couldn’t be sure. But she’d never seen anything so open, before. Forests grew everywhere and completely covered their land, and Naomi had just assumed, covered everywhere else too. But not here. Here, there were no trees.


None. At least as far as her snow flurried vision could see.


The snow fell, and beyond her was a white plain where the wind blew harshly. The sky was a deep gray, as the sun was starting to fall. She wondered what it would look like when the wind calmed, how clear the skies would be?


This place was different than anything she had seen before. And it should have been beautiful, if not for the one thing that made her hesitate. One thing that made her a little scared as well as curious.


Her village was the only place where trees didn’t grow. All of the material had been chopped away and used for housing and fences and tools and everything else she could think of. And only men could build those things.


‘So… where did you come from?’ she asked the structure before her.


In the distance, staggering into the air was a large tower made of stone.

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FOWB – Updates

Well I’ve had this site up for a few months now, and even with just the few likes and followers I’m extremely grateful! So thank you! Having a chance to look around at other bloggers and their interests and designs has given me some inspirtation on what content I’d like to add to this blog. So while it may take a little while, here’s a list of goals I’ve given myself to accomplish over the next couple months.


I’m going to start contributing to a fantastic blog found here. The writer posts Flash Fiction Themes up once a week.

The rules are found below.

-Write a full story – beginning, middle and end- all in 100-170 words.

-Use the provided photo of the week as a basis for the story. Add both photo and photo creditor to publication.

-Nothing written can feature R rated or obscene content.


It’s a fantastic idea and I’d love to give my support. If you’re interested in this weekly short writing exercise, please give it a look.


Probably on Books, Movies and Television shows.


-Continue and update the Winter Hounds series. It’s been on a little bit of a hiatus, but I’d like to continue working on it ASAP and finish the tale up.


This one may take a little more time, but I’m going to look into coming up with a way to grab some local amateur writers and have their works submitted to this blog- if they’d like!


And that’s all I have for now, GS out

Winter Hounds – Chapter 8

The First Steps



(Ten Years Ago)


“Will this be alright?” Laurence asked her.


The girl nodded, staring at the bacon and eggs on the plate in front of her. It looked delicious and smelled even better. He placed a fork beside her plate and walked over to the stove to make more for himself. Outside, the heavy snow fall brushed up against the window.


She watched her father cook and thought about saying thank you, but in the end didn’t. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, it’s just she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to act. As far back as she could recall she had never seen her father before. The only thing she knew about him was what her momma had told her.


He was very kind. He always helped when she needed it. And he was always there.

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Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 2)


(Part 2)



The flickering lantern shone across his face in the dark as he stood on the front porch. He waited, turning to look at the nearby cottages in the distance that held their own individual lights. Beyond that the world was just an abyss as it was too cloudy to see the moon. The cold had managed to breach through his clothes and kiss his skin, causing him to shiver. It had taken him less than thirty seconds to walk from his cabin to the Garran’s household, but he’d been standing outside their door for all but a full a minute.


Sighing, Laurence reached up to knock on the door again.


At that moment the door opened up to reveal Joy. With a smile, she gestured for him to come inside. She looked comfortable in her house clothes, long night pants and a sweater. Something about her was different looking and it dawned on him that this was one of the few occasions she wasn’t wearing a hat. When was the last time he had spent time with Joy leisurely? He had forgotten what she looked like without one. Without it covering her forehead and seeing all of her hair… she was very lovely.


“You look very-” he started to say without realizing it.

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