Keepsake – Part 1

Keepsake – Part 1

-Author’s Note –
This is a sequel to the six part short story, Orchestrated. It features the same characters and takes place in story two months later. Keepsake won’t spoil anything from Orchestrated and will only make small references to it. You don’t need to read Orchestrated first, but it’s recommended if you have time. ;D


I noticed the odor coming off my shoes as I walked up the stairs. I didn’t like taking them off at the front door of our house every time I came home, but that was mom’s rule and one dad supported. Our entire house was wooded floors and they had to remain clean and spotless. Still, it’s not like a big deal. I’d gotten used to carrying them in my hands. As usual I rushed up two steps at a time into my room.


Stepping passed my door, throwing my backpack into the nearby corner with my shoes kicked off in the same direction, I felt excitement wash over me. There were scuff marks on the white walls from former throws and surely I’d just left more. But that’s alright.


It was Friday night, with the entire rest of the weekend to enjoy!


Quickly, reaching over to the coffee table in the middle of my room where the remote rested, I pressed play and the music to my stereo system simply blasted its tunes. Guitars sprung to life and drums hit their beat. I started to tap to the rhythm and couldn’t help but grin.

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Orchestrated – Finale

Orchestrated – Finale

The black rain jacket I wore was just a precaution.

It hadn’t called for rain. I remembered that distinctly when I checked the weather app on my phone. The little icon for today, a Tuesday, showed the sun with a small cloud next to it. Chances of rain were around ten percent, so there shouldn’t have been any worry.

When I woke up this morning though and noticed how think clouds had filled the sky, I decided to throw it over my dark blue shirt and grey shorts. I walked into the kitchen and yawned, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. My father was up, cooking something up in the skillet. I didn’t say anything and glanced out the window. I guessed a lot can change over a night. The air felt filled with melancholy, and it matched my mood. I was hoping Sam was successful today.

“How are things this morning?” my father asked, grounding my thoughts to the moment. I frowned.

“They could be better…” I replied, as I turned back to the window, as though that was my main concern.

He looked over his shoulder and at me. He grabbed a nearby plate and slid whatever was in the pan onto it. I saw a yellow mixture of eggs, cheese, onions, greens and various meats. My dad reached for the nearby hot sauce and poured a nice portion on top before sticking a fork in it. He passed it to me. I look down and was suddenly not very hungry.

“It’s a little droopy today,” he said while wiping his hands with a kitchen towel. “But you know? Things will get better.”

I took the toothbrush out and left it by the kitchen sink, spiting the paste slosh out of my mouth. Lifting a piece of the mish mash breakfast up with my utensil, I ate a bite. It was delicious, even with the hint of mint left on my tongue. I really shouldn’t have questioned my dad’s skills. I nodded to him, filling my mouth with another fork full.

“I’m heading to school. Thanks Pop,” I tell him, grateful of course, just not very enthused. While he worked on some of the dishes, I ate. He did most of the cooking and was cleaning up, but we have an agreement. My chores included the dinner dishes which was much more tedious than breakfast ones. Finishing my food quickly, I and walked out.

“Tell Lace she should come over sometime.”

That’s the last thing I heard him say before exiting the kitchen. I pretended not to hear since I haven’t talked about the girl recently, but this told me he knew what was going on. Or at least, that something was going on. I remembered how my dad knew who Miss Daniels was. Lace’s home was closer to ours, so I wondered if he knew her family too.

Closing the door and stepping out on the front porch, I glanced up at the sky again. There was no rain, only clouds. The rain jacket was only a precaution.

Despite that, I pulled the black hood over my head and walked to school.

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Update – October (Hurricane Blues)

Update – October (Hurricane Blues)

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little absent the last couple weeks. Been going through a job change at home and here in South Carolina we got hit majorly by Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully, we had some yard damage and nothing further, but we know a lot of friends who were out of power for days and were low on food and water.


No bueno.


However! Things are looking up once more and I’m ready to start posting and responding again! I have a couple things you guys can look forward to within the next couple days!


#1 The short serial, Orchestrated I’m happy to say is FINISHED! However, I made a drastic error while reviewing my work and realized that I kept swapping Connor’s narration from Past to Present tense. I hate when I do that… I’m going back through each chapter and editing it right before posting Orchestrated – Finale, which will include some grammar edits, an Author’s Note and name changes as well.


Yeah… Connor, Sam and Emily have been changed to Austin, Sam and Lace. If anyone has read the story and feels confused, I’m so sorry… but if not, then no worries and you should jump in from the start the moment it’s posted!


#2 FFfAWs is back up and running! So I’ll be contributing their newest challenge pretty soon.


And… well that’s all I have for now. Hopefully you guys are having a good fall season and things are going well. Thanks for any comments and likes, and I appreciate the various story ideas I’ve come across while being here.


Until next time, GS.

Orchestrated – Penultimate

Orchestrated – Penultimate


To see the same sunrise every day, what was that lI remember how surprised I was when I first moved here to find that most of my classmates didn’t go to the beach that often. Back home, we would take an hour drive to reach the beach and would stay there all day. When I found out Dad and I were moving only a hundred feet from one, I knew I’d be there often.


As I sat down for lunch, I particularly recalled answering inquiries from a boy named Carlos. ‘Yes, I just moved here.’ ‘My parents got a divorce.’ ‘I like it, very sunny.’ But when I told him how I was anticipating the beach and the ocean, he waved it off and shook his head.


‘Nah, you’ll get used to it soon,’ he told me. ‘After a while, seeing the same old thing gets boring. You’ll get used to that sunrise.’


I had had that conversation two years ago in late October. He told me he had been to the beach about three times. And he was right. Eventually my appreciation did start to wane. I found myself not making a huge deal out of it. I rarely took towels, rarely swam in the ocean and hadn’t touched the sand with my own fingers this year. Everyone had been right. It had grown a little stale.


That reminder came to mind as I breathed heavily from the hard labor. I would do anything to swim in the ocean right now…

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Orchestrated – Part 4

Now that we had come into Lace’s lives, it seemed she was determined to keep us there.  The girl accompanied Sam and I for lunch in the cafeteria, with a bright smile that looked so relaxed, as though she had known us for years. She never invited another friend or spoke of anyone she would like to join us.


Our plan for the movies was for Saturday. I didn’t care what we saw, but our new friend really wanted to see a movie she had missed over the summer, something about talking animals getting to know each other despite differences. Sam had wanted to see it too, and all of us had missed the blockbuster. We decided on a discount theater since the movie had long been out of the featured showing and apparently all of us were low on cash.


The day of the movie showing came fast. At first, we had planned to meet up at the Theater around the scheduled time, 4:00. But when Sam had suggested we meet for lunch before hand, and Lace explained her driving permit allowed her to drive without an adult in the afternoons, it was decided we all would meet at my house.


My house. I had nothing to do with the planning, and didn’t even feel like meeting up before hand anyway. Somehow however, my house was chosen though I didn’t offer. Then again, I suppose I didn’t oppose the idea at the time.

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Orchestrated – Part 3

Orchestrated – Part 3

The thought of walking down the road with the girl hadn’t even been a thought of mine until it happened. But try as I might everything seemed to fall into place that way. From waiting in line together, to leaving the store, to living a few blocks away from each other. The odds of that happening were slim but apparently not impossible. And when I found out I was going the same way as her… well, it felt rude not to walk together.


The small talk had been short, and she chuckled a little at the thought of us living on the same street and not knowing it. She introduced herself as Lace Brown, which somehow was a fitting name to her pale skin and brown hair. At least that’s how I’d picture a Lace to look like. Again, I’m impressed with her politeness.


“So you’ve lived here for a long time?” I asked, attempting to keep the conversation away from ‘how’s the weather?’ If I was going to be with someone, I preferred there not to be an awkward silence.


“My whole life,” she replied while keeping her eyes ahead. She smiled genuinely. “You?”


“No,” I told her. “My dad and mom got a divorce, so we moved here a couple years ago. He and I, I mean.”


She looked thoughtful as she turned toward me, “Do you still keep in contact with your mom?”

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Orchestrated – Part 2

Orchestrated – Part 2

It’d been a week since the start of my school year, and we were already learning Algebra 2 and Pre Cal. My knowledge in math was decent, more trouble in languages and social studies, but with math I could usually understand it after a little time. That being said, I wouldn’t have much problem with my homework tonight. Contemplating this as I took books out of my locker, my friend showed up.

“Hey hey,” greeted Sam who approached to my right. “How’s the day going?”


I shrugged and glanced over at my friend. “Same as always,” I told him, speaking a little louder over the many conversations going on around us.


I couldn’t tell you when Sam and I became friends, or if “friends” was even the right label to describe us. The boy had been my locker neighbor since the beginning of high school. I didn’t remember seeing him in the last year of my elementary school so we may not have gone to the same one, and I’d never thought to ask if we had met before. Regardless, he found a joy in not only introducing himself but also ‘knowing’ the person he’d see between periods for the rest of his school term. The first time I met him, he offered me some almonds from a store bought can, wanting to make a good impression. I’ll admit it was delicious.


I didn’t see myself as an incredibly social person, but also not anti-social by any means. At first Sam just seemed like everyone else, but I’d grown accustomed to his greetings every day. I’d been over to his house to play video games once or twice and that said a lot about a relationship between young men.

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