FFfAW – Blind

This is my entry for the week of December 20th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! This is definitely a darker entry of mine and based off of the serial I’m working on here at FOwB. The story takes place some time in the story of Winter Hounds, but will not contain any spoilers and is a stand alone, so no worries.

Either way, hope you enjoy!

(Photo Credit by Joy Pixley!)


Joel pressed the rifle to his chest listening to his own heartbeat and the sound of his lungs as they contracted and expanded. In and out, in and out…

Under the tree, covered by snow and fog, his eyes couldn’t see anything but white. The soles of his shoes built up dirt as he scuffled, trying to control the shaking of his body.

A howl echoed from far away.

His teeth clenched together. Eyes shut closed, filling his pores further with the dirt and moisture on his face. The world had become quiet, so he stopped his breathing completely.

Gain … control … come on. Calm down Joel… come on.

But his mind whispered loudly, because Nathan, Samuel and the mighty Boone were already gone.

Another howl called out to only him. It was much closer. The hounds, the hounds were coming to get him. Joel slowly opened his eyes and raised his rifle, aiming it into the white abyss.

He waited.

And waited.

One more moment, and I’ll ru-

When the moment passed, he was dead too.


FFfAW – Quiet



I could hear only the footsteps of my new sneakers in the dark. Being winter time, the thick air was filled with cold humidity that I took in the lungs with every breath. Quiet serenity was a river that washed away all past anxiety weighing on my shoulders. Rarely was anyone on the road – not even a passing vehicle – until my eyes fell on a young man standing under the street light.

His jacket, slumped posture and appearance left an impression that I found eerily familiar. We passed under the light and giving him a silent nod. His knees unbuckled.

Pausing, I watched him regain balance.

“You alright, kid?”


“Need some help?”

For a moment I wished I could hear something, the sound of breathing, or steps, frogs or crickets – it was too cold for those calls; a sign that told me life wasn’t around.

“I…” he murmured,”… I don’t know…”

An odor, liquor on his breath.

He sniffled, visibly maintaining his composure. My shoulders lowered and I smiled sympathetically. Yeah, this was a kid whose whole world had just ended.

I’d been there.

Walking over, I listened to him until he made it back home.

This is my entry for the week of December 13th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy this piece of sweet melancholy. The idea was at first a story between two men, and one who couldn’t see stars. But this was the final outcome. Working on descriptions and imagery than story or dialogue. I hope you enjoy!

(Total word count was 200, hope that’s okay!)

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FFfAW – Way Out There

This is my entry for the week of December 6th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy it! First time writing a Flash Fiction based on humor. ;P Also a little late I think and over the word limit! D: So sorry Joy!

Originally, this story was supposed to be the sequel to another FFfAW story I had, Lightning Girl, due to similar imagery. In the end, the idea for this story seemed more fun.

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(Photo Credit to Jade M. Wong! Thanks! She’s a good writer and poet so check her blog if you can.)


Way Out There

Zachary rushed into his room and slammed the door. Throwing all of his dirty clothes from off his bed onto the floor, he slipped off his school backpack and placed it on the bed, unzipping the small front pocket.

He breathed in slowly and then exhaled. Reaching inside, he pulled out the small glowing green crystal he had discovered.

“Where…” Zach started, trying to figure this out. “Where did you come from?”

“I came from out there.” the stone explained, an exasperated tone in its voice as though it was talking to a child. Which it was, Zach was only thirteen.

“Out there?” Zach pointed up.


“In… a spaceship?” He hoped his mom didn’t overhear him having this conversation.


“…What kind?”

“A transport unit unlike my own form. We pass this planet often actually, even land to study it.”

“You mean…” he asked confused. “In your form, like a rock? You come from Meteors?”


“Oh…” Zach started to calm. Then he looked thoughtful. “But… how do you, well…” he waved his arms in the air for emphases. “Build it?”


Zach stared and blinked, waiting for a response. Finally, the stone dryly responded.

“…it takes a while.”

FFfAW – July 16, 1945

This is my entree for the week of November 22nd 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy it! I wanted to do something a little different for this one, and while I really didn’t do too much research for the details of the story, hopefully it still gets the message across.

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photo-20161121154638229Photo Credit by Footy and Foodie (Thank you!)

July 16, 1945

The first thing I saw was the light.

Far into the distance and across the sea, an encompassing aura lit the sky, and blotched out the falling sun. We did that, with just the flick of a switch. We had forced night itself into day.

The second thing I saw was the sound.

And I could see it. That shockwave carried waves across the ocean. The dust was caught in a mighty roar – or was it the earth’s unmistakable cry for help? The very hillside I stood on, with my companions, shook and shivered, and ached in pain. In another moment, the invisible wave hit us.

We were prepared, protected and shielded. We were at a safe distance, one we had calculated. Still…

“Robert…” I spoke faintly to my friend, barely able to breathe. Oh God… What have we done? 

We’ve gone too far.

“Yes? Yes, Kennedy?” he asked me, a mixture of astonishment and fear on his face, that I know was reflected on mine.

“… Now we are all sons of bitches.”


Friday Fictioneers – Reach for Elsewhere

Here’s my submission for the newest Flash Fiction group I’ve joined, Friday Fictioneers. This week’s prompt of October 28th 2016 can be found in the link.

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(Photo Credit to Peter Abbey)

Reach for Elsewhere

At exactly 1:24 PM, the tunnel was split with sunlight and shadow. Filled with unseen history, Eli stared toward the other end.

“Why did you bring me here?” He asked Kira, the girl he quietly fawned over. Graffiti littered the walls, left by some who had come before.

She didn’t glance his way when responding, “Because… Eli,” she looked anxious in her brown coat. “I needed to show you something I can’t … explain.”\

Reaching out for his hand, she pulled him along. Soft footsteps echoed through the tunnel and unbeknownst, time itself.

At 1:25 PM, the two teenagers vanished.

FFfAW Challenge – Trespassing

Here’s my submission for the Flash Fiction From Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy, Week of October 25th, 2016. Check out their weekly challenges!


Photo was by Yinglan Z! Thank you!


I stared at the fence, gulping down the water in my mouth as sweat on my forehead fell. It was really hot today. Maybe that was why my head was spinning, why I was about to make a bad decision.

“You’re a wimp,” Tony said. Again.

He shrugged, and shook his head. “I knew you’d bail.”

His words always made me feel a pressure that I couldn’t describe. It made me angry. I’m twelve, and he’s thirteen. Tony thought he was better, and that I wasn’t brave. But I knew I was… or that I could be.

‘No Trespassing’

That sign though, made me terrified.

The green grass was too bright and clean for the house in front of me. No boy in the neighborhood had ever jumped that fence. I could, I could be that boy. Prove Tony wrong.

After climbing, my shoes dangled over the fence. I leaped into the yard, leaving the sign behind me. The dew dampened my clothes, dirt on my knees.

I looked up and the snarling vicious dog stared back.



Flash Fiction Challenge – Old Friends

Here’s my submission for the Flash Fiction From Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy, Week of October 18th, 2016. Check out their weekly challenges!

Photo Credit by – Louise from The Storyteller’s Abode


Old Friends

With each step I took, my muscles hurt. After warming them up though, it becomes easier to walk. It didn’t used to be that way. Long strolls in the park with my friend were often accompanied with a run, the crisp air flowing into our lungs with every breath and the sun heating our bodies.

But I’d gotten older, we both had. So those runs didn’t happen anymore.

The walks still did though. And the park hadn’t changed at all, the grass always fresh and the sun always shined. We took a left on the path ahead-

A tug at my collar jolted me out of my thoughts. Stopping, I looked up at my human and gave him a questioning glance that I knew he’d understand. He hesitated and stopped in his tracks, standing on the right side of the path.

“Oh… sorry, you’re right,” he told me, rubbing the back of his head while chuckling. I wagged my tail in response.

Yeah, we were getting older. But some things never changed.