Keepsake – Part 6

Keepsake – Part 6

As the three spoke together, the younger ones thanking my friend for the rescue, I silently wondered why the children were keeping the kitten a secret from their mom.


“What’s the cat’s name?” Sam asked them, keeping up with the children’s fast pace conversation.


Conner sent his sister to make sure his mom was still napping, not to wake her up and help. They both obviously didn’t want her involved.


“Robin!” Conner exclaimed. “He’s like Batman.”


“No,” his sister replied, exasperated. And then calmly correcting him, she stated, “She likes the birds.”


And that was the second and main point. The children didn’t know if the cat was a boy or a girl. If their mother knew they were taking care of a cat, I’m sure she would have told them what gender it was. The kitten sat above the girl’s arms pressed to her stomach, comfortable but wide eyed and claws every now and then extending in nervousness.

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Keepsake – Part 5


It wasn’t until I woke up to the sound of my cellphone ringing that I understood how much last night’s events had bothered Sam. Dully, the senses in my mind came into focus as sight focused on the white popcorn ceiling of the bedroom where I slept. I blinked, as light from my window temporary blinded my vision and felt a yawn come on as I reached out to at the nightstand. There, my phone buzzed with a name on the screen.




“Hello?” my voice sounded hoarse and drowsy. I rubbed my eyes with a fisted hand.


“Hey – are you just now getting up?” I heard Sam’s cheerful voice on the other end turn to mocking as he realized he had awoken me.


“I’m thinking of hanging up and going back to sleep, yeah.” I knew absentmindedly that I was acting rude, but that part of my brain hadn’t caught up to my speech yet. Thankfully, I heard laughter on the other end.

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Keepsake – Part 4


My fingers ran back and forth over the buttons of the game controller. No matter how swiftly I pressed combos, dashed, jumped and shot, I could not beat Sam. My eyes were starting to hurt from staring at the screen for so long. With a quick jump and strike, his little yellow ninja struck my purple one down with a finishing blow, ending the battle. The health points displayed at the top of the screen revealed the massive gap in our skills.


Sam had beaten me again.


His hands were relaxed and his posture upright, as though he wasn’t trying. I would have thought he’d be bored, but his smile said differently.


“One more round? You’re totally getting better.”


Even as a winner, he was a nice, understanding guy. But I had had my fill.


“No, I think I’m done. I’ve been beaten too many times today.”


Not that the game was in my possession at home, I didn’t own any video games besides a handheld I bought way back. So of course, Sam had a major advantage.


“You don’t even care that you lost, do you?” Sam asked with a grin.


I guess I didn’t. But it was a video game, was I supposed to be upset over something that in retrospect wasn’t important?


“Sam!” we heard a call from downstairs to which he quickly got up to answer.

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