FFfAW – Way Out There

This is my entry for the week of December 6th 2016 at the FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy! I hope you all enjoy it! First time writing a Flash Fiction based on humor. ;P Also a little late I think and over the word limit! D: So sorry Joy!

Originally, this story was supposed to be the sequel to another FFfAW story I had, Lightning Girl, due to similar imagery. In the end, the idea for this story seemed more fun.

Please check out other entries for this photo prompt as well!photo-20161205154632306
(Photo Credit to Jade M. Wong! Thanks! She’s a good writer and poet so check her blog if you can.)


Way Out There

Zachary rushed into his room and slammed the door. Throwing all of his dirty clothes from off his bed onto the floor, he slipped off his school backpack and placed it on the bed, unzipping the small front pocket.

He breathed in slowly and then exhaled. Reaching inside, he pulled out the small glowing green crystal he had discovered.

“Where…” Zach started, trying to figure this out. “Where did you come from?”

“I came from out there.” the stone explained, an exasperated tone in its voice as though it was talking to a child. Which it was, Zach was only thirteen.

“Out there?” Zach pointed up.


“In… a spaceship?” He hoped his mom didn’t overhear him having this conversation.


“…What kind?”

“A transport unit unlike my own form. We pass this planet often actually, even land to study it.”

“You mean…” he asked confused. “In your form, like a rock? You come from Meteors?”


“Oh…” Zach started to calm. Then he looked thoughtful. “But… how do you, well…” he waved his arms in the air for emphases. “Build it?”


Zach stared and blinked, waiting for a response. Finally, the stone dryly responded.

“…it takes a while.”

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