Friday Fictioneers – Reach for Elsewhere

Here’s my submission for the newest Flash Fiction group I’ve joined, Friday Fictioneers. This week’s prompt of October 28th 2016 can be found in the link.

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(Photo Credit to Peter Abbey)

Reach for Elsewhere

At exactly 1:24 PM, the tunnel was split with sunlight and shadow. Filled with unseen history, Eli stared toward the other end.

“Why did you bring me here?” He asked Kira, the girl he quietly fawned over. Graffiti littered the walls, left by some who had come before.

She didn’t glance his way when responding, “Because… Eli,” she looked anxious in her brown coat. “I needed to show you something I can’t … explain.”\

Reaching out for his hand, she pulled him along. Soft footsteps echoed through the tunnel and unbeknownst, time itself.

At 1:25 PM, the two teenagers vanished.


FFfAW Challenge – Trespassing

Here’s my submission for the Flash Fiction From Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy, Week of October 25th, 2016. Check out their weekly challenges!


Photo was by Yinglan Z! Thank you!


I stared at the fence, gulping down the water in my mouth as sweat on my forehead fell. It was really hot today. Maybe that was why my head was spinning, why I was about to make a bad decision.

“You’re a wimp,” Tony said. Again.

He shrugged, and shook his head. “I knew you’d bail.”

His words always made me feel a pressure that I couldn’t describe. It made me angry. I’m twelve, and he’s thirteen. Tony thought he was better, and that I wasn’t brave. But I knew I was… or that I could be.

‘No Trespassing’

That sign though, made me terrified.

The green grass was too bright and clean for the house in front of me. No boy in the neighborhood had ever jumped that fence. I could, I could be that boy. Prove Tony wrong.

After climbing, my shoes dangled over the fence. I leaped into the yard, leaving the sign behind me. The dew dampened my clothes, dirt on my knees.

I looked up and the snarling vicious dog stared back.



Flash Fiction Challenge – Old Friends

Here’s my submission for the Flash Fiction From Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy, Week of October 18th, 2016. Check out their weekly challenges!

Photo Credit by – Louise from The Storyteller’s Abode


Old Friends

With each step I took, my muscles hurt. After warming them up though, it becomes easier to walk. It didn’t used to be that way. Long strolls in the park with my friend were often accompanied with a run, the crisp air flowing into our lungs with every breath and the sun heating our bodies.

But I’d gotten older, we both had. So those runs didn’t happen anymore.

The walks still did though. And the park hadn’t changed at all, the grass always fresh and the sun always shined. We took a left on the path ahead-

A tug at my collar jolted me out of my thoughts. Stopping, I looked up at my human and gave him a questioning glance that I knew he’d understand. He hesitated and stopped in his tracks, standing on the right side of the path.

“Oh… sorry, you’re right,” he told me, rubbing the back of his head while chuckling. I wagged my tail in response.

Yeah, we were getting older. But some things never changed.


Orchestrated – Finale

Orchestrated – Finale

The black rain jacket I wore was just a precaution.

It hadn’t called for rain. I remembered that distinctly when I checked the weather app on my phone. The little icon for today, a Tuesday, showed the sun with a small cloud next to it. Chances of rain were around ten percent, so there shouldn’t have been any worry.

When I woke up this morning though and noticed how think clouds had filled the sky, I decided to throw it over my dark blue shirt and grey shorts. I walked into the kitchen and yawned, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. My father was up, cooking something up in the skillet. I didn’t say anything and glanced out the window. I guessed a lot can change over a night. The air felt filled with melancholy, and it matched my mood. I was hoping Sam was successful today.

“How are things this morning?” my father asked, grounding my thoughts to the moment. I frowned.

“They could be better…” I replied, as I turned back to the window, as though that was my main concern.

He looked over his shoulder and at me. He grabbed a nearby plate and slid whatever was in the pan onto it. I saw a yellow mixture of eggs, cheese, onions, greens and various meats. My dad reached for the nearby hot sauce and poured a nice portion on top before sticking a fork in it. He passed it to me. I look down and was suddenly not very hungry.

“It’s a little droopy today,” he said while wiping his hands with a kitchen towel. “But you know? Things will get better.”

I took the toothbrush out and left it by the kitchen sink, spiting the paste slosh out of my mouth. Lifting a piece of the mish mash breakfast up with my utensil, I ate a bite. It was delicious, even with the hint of mint left on my tongue. I really shouldn’t have questioned my dad’s skills. I nodded to him, filling my mouth with another fork full.

“I’m heading to school. Thanks Pop,” I tell him, grateful of course, just not very enthused. While he worked on some of the dishes, I ate. He did most of the cooking and was cleaning up, but we have an agreement. My chores included the dinner dishes which was much more tedious than breakfast ones. Finishing my food quickly, I and walked out.

“Tell Lace she should come over sometime.”

That’s the last thing I heard him say before exiting the kitchen. I pretended not to hear since I haven’t talked about the girl recently, but this told me he knew what was going on. Or at least, that something was going on. I remembered how my dad knew who Miss Daniels was. Lace’s home was closer to ours, so I wondered if he knew her family too.

Closing the door and stepping out on the front porch, I glanced up at the sky again. There was no rain, only clouds. The rain jacket was only a precaution.

Despite that, I pulled the black hood over my head and walked to school.

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Update – October (Hurricane Blues)

Update – October (Hurricane Blues)

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little absent the last couple weeks. Been going through a job change at home and here in South Carolina we got hit majorly by Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully, we had some yard damage and nothing further, but we know a lot of friends who were out of power for days and were low on food and water.


No bueno.


However! Things are looking up once more and I’m ready to start posting and responding again! I have a couple things you guys can look forward to within the next couple days!


#1 The short serial, Orchestrated I’m happy to say is FINISHED! However, I made a drastic error while reviewing my work and realized that I kept swapping Connor’s narration from Past to Present tense. I hate when I do that… I’m going back through each chapter and editing it right before posting Orchestrated – Finale, which will include some grammar edits, an Author’s Note and name changes as well.


Yeah… Connor, Sam and Emily have been changed to Austin, Sam and Lace. If anyone has read the story and feels confused, I’m so sorry… but if not, then no worries and you should jump in from the start the moment it’s posted!


#2 FFfAWs is back up and running! So I’ll be contributing their newest challenge pretty soon.


And… well that’s all I have for now. Hopefully you guys are having a good fall season and things are going well. Thanks for any comments and likes, and I appreciate the various story ideas I’ve come across while being here.


Until next time, GS.

Carry that Weight – Short Story

It was all gray.

The skies, the rock trail and cliff side. The heavy clouds that weighed overhead were to the brim with water, ready to pour.

The world seemed lifeless, with the exception of the boy.

His shoe slipped against the rocks and he fell, knee pounding into stone. Despite reaching out with his hand to help cushion the fall, the boy cried out and clenched his teeth. He remained still, his one leg sturdy and the other bruised as he took in deep breaths, hunched over. Sweat dripped from his forehead, dripping down on to the arms drooped over his shoulders.

He regained his balance after a moment and wrapped his arm loose under the leg of the other boy he was carrying. His friend was on his back, head occasionally bobbing back and forth. The boy on his back was heavy. Both having the same build, the one found it difficult to carry, and sometimes drag, the other.

He exhaled, and righted himself up, feeling the muscles relax into their normal position. For a moment he felt lightheaded and let the dizziness pass. He looked out over the barren land ahead of him. As it was three days before till now, he saw no one.

No one.

He gulped, and felt his stomach rumble. A cool breeze pushed against his back and his friend’s head fell secure on his shoulder, hair brushing itchy against his neck. He trudged on, pulling the weight on his back up a little more.

“Help…” he called out to no one. And he didn’t think his friend could hear him. The boy on his back hadn’t said anything for days.

It was a small call to the air. He knew no one would hear, so he said nothing more.

Breathing, walking, slipping, and sleeping. This was the routine. And he couldn’t do it… not for so long. His shoes were muddy. His hair was filled with dirt.

He glanced over to his right, looking out over the cliff side, where everything fell away forever. Where the sky didn’t have a beginning, where it had no end. Beyond that cliff just seemed like the end of the world. It was death.

The arms of the boy he held, were caked in mud, dirt and blood on hands. Every time he looked down, he could see them, hanging loose.


His vision blurred. He kept walking. The boy felt another fly creep on to his head and he swiped it away. Insects had been living off them for a while. They wouldn’t leave him alone. They wouldn’t leave his friend alone -they’d been slithering on him and eating on him. The constant buzzing, he’d grown used to it.

And he was so … tired.

He slipped. A fall that was slow, one his brain knew he may never get up from. He fell face down into the large rocks, and wanted to sleep.

But the body slipped off his back. Frantically he sobered up reaching blindly for his friend who started to slide off the edge. He latched his fingers around his shirt and his other hand grabbed his wrist.

His friend fell off the edge. Eyes widening, a chill running up his spine, he felt his body being pulled down by gravity with the limp one. He let go of the shirt and grabbed a nearby rock, secure in the ground.

When everything stopped he found himself on the edge of the cliff, hand around the wrist of someone who wouldn’t hold back. The cliff side was pulling him, a large abyss that wanted to eat his friend.

“…come on.” He breathed, desperation in his lungs, his blood and head. “Come on!!” he yelled to no one.

He watched, slowly sliding off with him. But no matter what he said, as long as he waited, as long as he silently pleaded, his friend didn’t move.
The body just hung there, dirt filled, unmoving. His eyes didn’t flutter, they didn’t even twitch. There was no breath in the boy about to be swallowed.

He breathed in and out in disbelief. Denial. How long had he been dead?

Tears building in his eyes, choking up and turning away, he slowly loosened his grip.

His friend dropped as a lifeless stone off the edge, a drop of water in the ocean.

He laid there for a time and cried and cried, and sobbed some more. Eventually he stood up, and kept walking. Around him, a world of lifeless gray.



Just something I came up with today and wrote off the top of my head. I don’t know what it all symbolizes.