Air – Chapter 8 – In Transit

Air – Chapter 8 – In Transit

She could see Chicago long before they were even near it. This was the first time she had seen the city at night, and only the second time she would be in it. A mile up in the air, she watched as the landscape below became larger and larger, as the lights that lit the ground expanded further and further for miles. The entire city was glowing like a sea of stars in a galaxy. Like some science fiction city from the future.


Skyscrapers, parks, rivers, sports fields, monuments all spread out over 234 sq miles. There were over 2.7 million people living in the city.


Diving straight down, the two flew directly toward the center of it all.




“Someone must have seen us…” she said, standing on the rooftop of one of the many skyscrapers, looking over the edge down to all the people and cars below. Her apartment building was four stories high, and out in the countryside.


She held her head for a moment and shook off the dizziness of the drop below. This was more like forty.


Not that it should really scare her. After all, she could fly.


“Nah, who would care to look up? The lights make it hard to see anything from down there. I’m sure no one saw us.”


The sudden breeze was warm, but the distinct smell of pollution filled her nose. Her ears rang with car horns and music and police sirens. She reached down into her pocket and checked her phone. It had taken a little under an hour to fly over here. It was around eleven o’clock. She grimaced at the sight of her missed calls. It was up to twelve now.


“So… what can we do? I mean, it’ll be midnight in less than an hour.”


Thomas looked over at her and gave her this face that said, ‘you’re the one that wanted to come.’

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Orchestrated – Penultimate

Orchestrated – Penultimate


To see the same sunrise every day, what was that lI remember how surprised I was when I first moved here to find that most of my classmates didn’t go to the beach that often. Back home, we would take an hour drive to reach the beach and would stay there all day. When I found out Dad and I were moving only a hundred feet from one, I knew I’d be there often.


As I sat down for lunch, I particularly recalled answering inquiries from a boy named Carlos. ‘Yes, I just moved here.’ ‘My parents got a divorce.’ ‘I like it, very sunny.’ But when I told him how I was anticipating the beach and the ocean, he waved it off and shook his head.


‘Nah, you’ll get used to it soon,’ he told me. ‘After a while, seeing the same old thing gets boring. You’ll get used to that sunrise.’


I had had that conversation two years ago in late October. He told me he had been to the beach about three times. And he was right. Eventually my appreciation did start to wane. I found myself not making a huge deal out of it. I rarely took towels, rarely swam in the ocean and hadn’t touched the sand with my own fingers this year. Everyone had been right. It had grown a little stale.


That reminder came to mind as I breathed heavily from the hard labor. I would do anything to swim in the ocean right now…

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Flash Fiction Challenge – What is Heaven?

Here’s my submission for the Flash Fiction From Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy, Week of September 20th, 2016. Check out their weekly challenges!

This story is a 180 words (Sorrrry!) and might even be a little late for the deadline.


Photo credit goes to Joy Pixley, thank you!

-What is Heaven?-


He glanced down into the knapsack slung over his shoulder and swallowed in worry. He was running out of supplies, only a few pieces of wrapped bread left and some dried meat.


The boy’s legs ached from climbing. The staircase was old, made of wood and creaked with every step he took. Dirt walls surrounded him and dim lights lit his way. He had taken breaks when we could, resting for hours and eating lightly.


It had been days. He had found no one.


People lived in darkness. But long ago, legends said that his people once lived above. They once lived in a world where you didn’t need fire to see. ‘The heavens shined brightly on us and the world was endless,’ his mother had told him.


The stairs had been there for a long time, but no one dared climb up them. Who really knew what was at the top? And when some brave souls left, they never returned.


He had to know. He had to find an answer.


Exhaling, he pushed his doubt aside and reached for something more.



Air – Author’s Note

I started Air in May 2014 and wanted to center it in a modern day setting with normal characters that happen upon a power they develop. The idea is pretty simple and now that I look back on this story after writing and finishing it over two year ago, I have to say… I’m not impressed.

Dialogue in this story just feels odd at some places, especially after rereading. I look at what I’ve wrote, and just think, “Would someone really word something that way? That’s so forced!” So the point is, if you decide to read this story, please have mercy on the skill level here. (which isn’t high right now either but hopefully a little better than when I wrote this story over two years ago)

The main reason I wrote Air however, was because of an idea I got with a friend of mine. We were having a discussion about super powers, and I think we were talking about Iron Man. I told my friend that I think flying without the suit would be better, and he laughed it off saying it would never happen without a suit. I assured him someday in the distant future it would, knowing I would lose the argument but wanted to keep it going anyway.

But then I started to wonder… what was it like to really fly? We take super heroes flying around the planet, like Superman or Iron Man whoever, for complete granted. What it be like to soar with the birds and feel the wind flow through your hair? Wait… it would probably hurt your eyes. And how fast could you go without your body starting to hurt? How high could you fly before your oxygen starts to get low?

These kind of things started to fascinate me and I wanted to try my own take on the whole flying power. I wanted to be able to write descriptions about what it was like to fly, since it sounded cool and I figured I’d give my take on it, while also still making it as realistic as possible. So in my story, Babs and Thomas need goggles to fly from one place to the next, and need to watch their altitude.

I got a lot of inspiration from this story by other means. One is Margaret Peterson Haddix, one of my favorite authors who often does novels like this one, only way better written obviously. The other was actually taken from one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who. Thomas is definitely inspired by David Tennant’s role as the tenth Doctor. Just sayin.

Anyway… tl;dr

This one is cheesy, including it’s premise, silly family issues and problems…. but hopefully you find it amusing and a little hearth felt. It was the first novel I wrote, so I have to be a little proud of it. Either way thanks for reading! If you enjoyed reading or just skimming through some chapters, please take a look out “Winter Hounds” or “Orchestrated” which are newer and hopefully not as tedious.


Michael “Grant-Sud” Hernandez

Air – Chapter 7 – Flight

Air – Chapter 7 – Flight

“Don’t look down.”


“I know. You said that … a few times, now.”


“Well, your eyes are open.”




“Shouldn’t you close them?”


“I’d rather not. That makes me more nervous.”


“You’re just staring straight at me…”






“It’s easier, yeah.”




“How high are we now?”


“Not enough. Don’t look down.”


She laughed.


“I know!”


But being suspended over five hundred feet in the air and rising with nothing to rely on except willpower alone was easier said than done. Barbara had quickly met with Thomas on the rooftop of her apartment building where they had prepared for this stage of flight.

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Air – Chapter 6 – Liftoff

Air – Chapter 6 – Liftoff

Glancing up, Barbara stood four floors beneath her target. Safe Haven Apartments was quiet at this time at night, so no one would see her. She stood at the back of her building, a large vinyl wall with four windows for every floor, one for every apartment. The long slope behind her stretched down about a hundred feet until it reached the street below. The entire hill was made of fresh grass, green and soft. She could remember walking around back when she was younger with Luke, rolling down the hill and racing to the bottom.


Though it was pretty dark, there were a few rooms with the lights on and shades open. If she moved quickly enough then she probably wouldn’t be noticed.


Walking up to the wall, Barbara pressed her back up against the vinyl and concentrated. Then, as though it was the most natural thing in the world, she started to levitate.


Slowly, her body was lifted up and she made way to her room.


Fortunately, her window was always unlocked. After all, she had reasoned, no one could climb four stories to get in. The irony of her breaking into her own room this way was kind of funny.


In the dark, things seemed quieter than she thought they’d be. The wind blew against her once more, hair getting tossed around. Usually insects and animals were chirping at this time, but she couldn’t hear much. Maybe it was because of the approaching storm?


Or maybe, she was just hoping things would stay quiet once she got inside.

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Blog Update – Air

Blog Update – Air

Just to let you guys know, my serial story “Air” has been completely finished but I’ve been neglecting updates on the website. I’ve been so busy with Winter Hounds and other short stories that I kind of forgot about it. lol

Either way, starting today, I’ll be updating the site with a new chapter every day since they’re already done. (which is around 17 chapters I think…)

Check out Air’s Main Page for more information about the story. It’s not a very good one, and I think it’s totally cheesy now that I look back on it… but anyway I hope you like it. xP


GS out!