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Well I’ve had this site up for a few months now, and even with just the few likes and followers I’m extremely grateful! So thank you! Having a chance to look around at other bloggers and their interests and designs has given me some inspirtation on what content I’d like to add to this blog. So while it may take a little while, here’s a list of goals I’ve given myself to accomplish over the next couple months.


I’m going to start contributing to a fantastic blog found here. The writer posts Flash Fiction Themes up once a week.

The rules are found below.

-Write a full story – beginning, middle and end- all in 100-170 words.

-Use the provided photo of the week as a basis for the story. Add both photo and photo creditor to publication.

-Nothing written can feature R rated or obscene content.


It’s a fantastic idea and I’d love to give my support. If you’re interested in this weekly short writing exercise, please give it a look.


Probably on Books, Movies and Television shows.


-Continue and update the Winter Hounds series. It’s been on a little bit of a hiatus, but I’d like to continue working on it ASAP and finish the tale up.


This one may take a little more time, but I’m going to look into coming up with a way to grab some local amateur writers and have their works submitted to this blog- if they’d like!


And that’s all I have for now, GS out


Orchestrated – Part 3

Orchestrated – Part 3

The thought of walking down the road with the girl hadn’t even been a thought of mine until it happened. But try as I might everything seemed to fall into place that way. From waiting in line together, to leaving the store, to living a few blocks away from each other. The odds of that happening were slim but apparently not impossible. And when I found out I was going the same way as her… well, it felt rude not to walk together.


The small talk had been short, and she chuckled a little at the thought of us living on the same street and not knowing it. She introduced herself as Lace Brown, which somehow was a fitting name to her pale skin and brown hair. At least that’s how I’d picture a Lace to look like. Again, I’m impressed with her politeness.


“So you’ve lived here for a long time?” I asked, attempting to keep the conversation away from ‘how’s the weather?’ If I was going to be with someone, I preferred there not to be an awkward silence.


“My whole life,” she replied while keeping her eyes ahead. She smiled genuinely. “You?”


“No,” I told her. “My dad and mom got a divorce, so we moved here a couple years ago. He and I, I mean.”


She looked thoughtful as she turned toward me, “Do you still keep in contact with your mom?”

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Orchestrated – Part 2

Orchestrated – Part 2

It’d been a week since the start of my school year, and we were already learning Algebra 2 and Pre Cal. My knowledge in math was decent, more trouble in languages and social studies, but with math I could usually understand it after a little time. That being said, I wouldn’t have much problem with my homework tonight. Contemplating this as I took books out of my locker, my friend showed up.

“Hey hey,” greeted Sam who approached to my right. “How’s the day going?”


I shrugged and glanced over at my friend. “Same as always,” I told him, speaking a little louder over the many conversations going on around us.


I couldn’t tell you when Sam and I became friends, or if “friends” was even the right label to describe us. The boy had been my locker neighbor since the beginning of high school. I didn’t remember seeing him in the last year of my elementary school so we may not have gone to the same one, and I’d never thought to ask if we had met before. Regardless, he found a joy in not only introducing himself but also ‘knowing’ the person he’d see between periods for the rest of his school term. The first time I met him, he offered me some almonds from a store bought can, wanting to make a good impression. I’ll admit it was delicious.


I didn’t see myself as an incredibly social person, but also not anti-social by any means. At first Sam just seemed like everyone else, but I’d grown accustomed to his greetings every day. I’d been over to his house to play video games once or twice and that said a lot about a relationship between young men.

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Orchestrated – Part 1

Orchestrated – Part 1

The air felt salty in my lungs. Mist sprayed against my face, which I constantly wiped away with my sleeve. Sand under my shoes, I stretched out all the knots in my muscles built up from sleeping wrong on the mattress of my bedroom and lack of exercise at school today.


The sun’s light was falling into the west and the sky’s color was orange, in sharp contrast to the bright blue of earlier. Waves pushed onto the beach and back in rhythmic flow. The wind blew against my back. After five minutes, my own panting covered over the sound of the ocean in my ears.


Running has never been a profession for me, in case you’re wondering. Some claimed that running was good exercise for both body and mind. Studies indeed proved that physical exercise could be beneficial. I had read that somewhere before, in a magazine on health in a doctor’s office, probably. I’m strong enough to run for a few miles, but my speed is not great enough to be considered for the track team, or stamina built enough for a marathon. Similarly I didn’t have problems that need to be worked out, so I rarely dwelled on matters either.

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