Glass shatters in front of my eyes. Its sizable shards scatter around me and reflect the image of my face in its pieces. I look surprised. Like I’m not sure what happened, how it happened so fast or where it will go next.


I don’t remember what happened to me.

I find myself standing in a large dome, dark and black with steel walls that surround me. This place is massive cylinder in shape. I stand in the middle of the room, its walls in the far distance that rise to the dark ceiling, incredibly high. A spot light reveals only me, and I see that room’s one opening is a small circular escape at the very top – impossible to reach.


A bright light is shining from the outside of this prison.


I look around, my footsteps echoing throughout the room as I turn. The light that circles me is only a few meters wide. I take a step toward the dark.


I hear violent hissing.


My pulse quickens and I quickly step back. No. Nothing is there. I don’t… see anything. I can only see a darkened steel floor.


I feel a single drop of water hit my hair, and roll down my face. I quickly swipe it away. I look up, and find light drops of rain fall from the opening above, though the light from outside is shining still, down on me.


I hear hissing again.


It’s closer, more distinct. It’s at my back.


I turn around swiftly, eyes scanning my surroundings. My breathing quickens – oh God… where am I? I don’t remember how I got here. I don’t know where I am-


The light dims.


It’s starting to flicker from above. Wait. Hold on, wait.


Whispering is in my ear, and my skin starts to crawl with a chill that runs through feet up my legs to my waist at my torso and to my brain. I’m suddenly freezing, and the light grows dimmer still. I take a step back in fear, because I thought I saw something more in the dark that wasn’t really there.


I step out of the circle.


I tripped over myself.


I exit the light.


And the hissing grew louder, until I touched the shadows.


I felt like it bit me.


Immediately I let out a scream as the light completely goes out. I find myself on my knees, my wrists searing in sudden pain. I yank my heavy arms and hear the sound of rattling steel. I shake my hands, and the sound of chains sway back and forth. I’ve been chained.


Eyes growing wide in the dark, I pull at the chains that are suddenly on me, secured to the ground like roots of a vine that has its prey. I pull. Nothing. I yank and started to bite down, trying to escape, but its pulling back, trying to throw me to the ground once more.


Help me help me help me help me!!!


But it doesn’t. The grip doesn’t loosen, doesn’t budge. It just tightens until I feel my wrists starting to bleed, warmth dripping down my hands. I’m sweating.


Please help.


And then I hear something from above, as though something has broken. Something cracked. Light rain starts to drizzle again from above though I can’t see it. It washes my sweat and blood away-


And then the dam breaks fully. I see a giant torrential downpour, a tidal wave, collapsing into the container I’ve been sealed in. I can barely catch my breath before it devours me in an instant, my entire body immersed in this pool. The chamber fills and I’m drowning, latched to the floor.


Precious air releases from my lungs, and I feel my head lighten. I can see barely anything. I’m still chained. Pressure builds and my ears ring as the water fills higher.




I need it. I need-


I pull, yank and tug, I scream for help. But no one can hear me under here. I’m going to drown.


The pressure builds, my chest and arms heavy. As though someone has placed a hand over your nose and mouth and asks you to breathe. I have nothing left. It has me… help, God… help…. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe… my chest aches and my lungs fill with salty water.


Everything dies in me. And my last vision is watching as the ceiling fades and I slowly fall onto the steel floor. I hang, limp in suspension. I feel death, and I’m living it.




Air, enters slowly. I don’t cough, and I don’t gasp. I open my eyes, and my dark vision slowly turns to blurry light. I take a breath, and though I want to take it all in, I’m too weak to do anything but stay where I lie face down.


The sand is warm, and the ocean tide slowly moves in and out, in and out around me on. I raise my hand once I’m able, and I see the scars around my wrists. I let it drop back into the sand. In the distance, I see this beach goes on for a long while. But I don’t want to move. I just want to lay here. I reclose my eyes. I feel safe. I feel better.


The sun is warm here, basking on me, kindly nudging me back to rest.


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