Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 2)


(Part 2)



The flickering lantern shone across his face in the dark as he stood on the front porch. He waited, turning to look at the nearby cottages in the distance that held their own individual lights. Beyond that the world was just an abyss as it was too cloudy to see the moon. The cold had managed to breach through his clothes and kiss his skin, causing him to shiver. It had taken him less than thirty seconds to walk from his cabin to the Garran’s household, but he’d been standing outside their door for all but a full a minute.


Sighing, Laurence reached up to knock on the door again.


At that moment the door opened up to reveal Joy. With a smile, she gestured for him to come inside. She looked comfortable in her house clothes, long night pants and a sweater. Something about her was different looking and it dawned on him that this was one of the few occasions she wasn’t wearing a hat. When was the last time he had spent time with Joy leisurely? He had forgotten what she looked like without one. Without it covering her forehead and seeing all of her hair… she was very lovely.


“You look very-” he started to say without realizing it.

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Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Winter Hounds – Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Until She Returns
(Part 1)



He felt the sickening motion of falling which jolted him awake, or at least made him aware of his situation. Laurence registered the low lit surroundings and slick rock beneath his feet. He weakly tried to extend his hands out to catch his fall, but failed miserably. His body seemed to be disconnected to the commands of his mind, but regardless he felt the blow against the solid stone ground.


It didn’t hurt too badly but left his senses feeling more disoriented than they already were. Young hands reached for his coat and tugged at him to rise.


Laurence concentrated and found the strength to push himself up. He did so. Then he staggered.

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Winter Hounds – Chapter 6

Winter Hounds – Chapter 6





His blurred vision gave him a headache, so he closed his eyes again.


Papa, wake up!”


Startled, his body tensed. He was freezing. Realigning his focus, he found Naomi staring at eye level, crouched on her knees. Snow stuck to her loose hair, which had no cap. She wasn’t wearing a scarf either. Thinking about it, he realized he was wearing them. At some point she had wrapped and placed everything on him.


Why? He wondered faintly.


Against his back was rough bark, digging into his clothes. Moisture was seeping into his coat and pants, from sitting in the snow and it was starting to freeze, making him colder. Recalling faintly that he was warmer when asleep, he took a deep sigh and started to close his eyes again.

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Air – Chapter 4

Air – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

(Even if I did I can’t help but wonder, what would be my bearing?)





Dear Mom,


I remember that dad once planned to take us to the beach. We had gotten all dressed up and everything, packed a lot of beach towels, a ball and some water. He had the whole day off. Luke was sitting in the back and I was up front. While we were all talking about what we were going to do, Fire and Rain started playing. You know how he loves James.


Luke asked dad if we could get ice cream and he said yes. But he started getting quiet after that. After a moment he turned off the stereo half way through the song.


And you know what? I know he was thinking about you.

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Winter Hounds – Chapter 5

Winter Hounds – Chapter 5



When she woke up the next morning, stomach growling, her Pa was already gone.


Swiftly righting herself, she looked around the tent, warm blankets falling off and the cold pressing to her skin. Frantically Naomi grabbed her coat and put on her boots. She stumbled out of the tent with hat in hand.


Laurence was sitting over a restocked campfire, with a skinned dead fox dangling over top.


She hesitated.


“Hey,” she said in relief. All of her talk last night about being brave and she was still a little nervous.


Come on Naomi, keep it together.


“Morning,” he replied, either not seeing her hurried state or ignoring it. He was fully dressed with his cowhide coat and hat. “Thought I’d grab us some breakfast. You hungry?”

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Murmurings You Couldn’t Hear (Collection)

The following is a list of stories I’ve written and scribbled down while coming up with new ideas.

The Artist
William the Messenger
Not Too Cold
A Good Night



It’s kind of interesting how some of the themes and elements in these little blurbs were transferred over to completed stories later on, like a picture you had to retake because the first shot was blurry. I don’t know if these are worth a read, but they were fun to look back on. Here’s a list of the very short stories you’ll come across at this link, and some of these didn’t even have names on the word file, I just had to come up with something…


Anyway, without further ado – the uncompleted, scrapped, rough drafts and sometimes just forgotten about short stories I’ve written over the years. Enjoy? c=


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Hiding Place

Hiding Place

Hiding Place




Having been on the chase for so long, the small feline patters his footsteps into the nearest pipeline. His fur full of dirt, wet and soggy, running for too long without food, the small cat finally stops. Stomach growling, he cautiously sticks his head out from the hole. The rain is pouring down on his head, but he checks and sees the tall scaffolding around him, the fence that encloses the construction site … and the stray dog that’s taking steps though the mud.


The dog’s eyes glow in the dark, its snout fully outstretched. Rain pelts its head and drips down into its eyes. It barely blinks.


It’s just hungry.

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