Winter Hounds – Chapter 3

Winter Hounds – Chapter 3

No One There




Naomi recalled an old memory. Even after five years, she could still remember it as clear as day. The first time in her life she had seen a storm, during the summer month when the air was warm and everything was green. She had been eight.


Watching outside the window at the rain, because it was something she thought was pretty and rare. Different from snow. Not cold and slow, but warm and quick, music filled rain.


That night, the rain was playing a powerful drum beat. It rapped against the log walls, the wood and rain filling her lungs with a fresh and moist scent that she had never experienced before. First time she had heard thunder. Flashes blurred her eyes. First time she had seen lighting, streaking through the sky like a bullet. At first, she could remember her focus fixed to the window, watching, still, unsure of what would happen with each strike.


It got closer.

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Air – Chapter 3

Air – Chapter 3

Designated Pilot

(…My name should is Raymonde de Laroche.)



She waited.


Her eyes were closed, tightly.


And … she felt nothing. Literally. No fall, no breaking of her body. Barbara slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry as she looked ahead.

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