Air – Chapter 2

Air – Chapter 2


(These are the people I sit with… So I put my headphones on and look out the window.)



The pizza from Domino’s tasted like cardboard to her, a pepperoni and cheese one topping large special for 7.99. She usually didn’t eat too much, two pieces and she was full. Her brother and dad usually polished off the six other slices. Today was kind of different though. As she sat down at the kitchen table, eating, her dad sat with her.


“How was work today?” he asked, biting into the crust of his slice. Luke had already walked in and grabbed a plate full, before creeping silently back into his room.

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Someone had just been killed.


Her foot slipped and skid against the concrete as she shuffled back against the wall, grinding up dirt and mud against the soles. She sat quietly next to the dumpster, placing her hands over her mouth to stop any instinctive sounds she’d let out. She breathed in through her nose, in and out, over and over again trying to keep calm as she rocked silently in place.

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Winter Hounds – Chapter 2

Winter Hounds – Chapter 2

Ghost Stories



Her foot slipped against the large slick boulder as the word came to mind. Reflexively, her hands reached out as she fell forward, slamming her palms against the rock trying to cushion herself. No broken bones, but her arms shook fiercely. Immediately Naomi grit her teeth and winced, leaving her eyes closed.


In the next moment she felt her body start to slide back as she rested on her knees.

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