Winter Hounds – Chapter 1

Winter Hounds – Chapter 1


The Girl and the Sheriff



“Now… ease your finger around the trigger,” he whispered, so silently that Naomi strained to hear him. She gently wrapped her hand around the bottom end of the rifle. “Lean into the trunk. Give yourself a little support.”


She nodded, and pressed her body against the fallen tree in front of them. Flakes of snow landed on her lashes, so she narrowed her eyes to help ignore the irritation. Despite the conditions, Naomi felt secure, gun in hand. Her one boot was buried into the ground, while she supported the rest of herself on her knee while she leaned forward. In the distance, she made out the darker gray among all the white.


Walking steadily, head low, a single doe stood shuffling through the snow for food.


Taking aim, Naomi pointed the rifle for its head.


“Quietly,” her dad reminded her.


“I know…” She gently placed her other hand up and grabbed hold of the forestock of the gun, and pulled it back.


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Winter Hounds – Prologue

Winter Hounds – Prologue


(Ten Years Ago)



She had been walking for days.


The cold bit against her exposed skin, small pins and needles prickling, cutting at her. Not all the time; for the woman, it all felt numb and intense at different moments. At first the thought of not being able to feel her feet terrified her. Now, she couldn’t remember what it was like to feel her skin. Fingers were frozen. Her eyes hurt sometimes when she shut them.


So, why worry? Her thoughts were jumbled, and as she came to a stop, finally, finally, finally came to a stop… she became dizzy.


Her knees unbuckled, she fell into the snow.


It was always snowing.

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By: Michael Hernandez


I grow tired of hearing the slicking noise of the windshield wipers as they move across my front window. That of course makes me aware that the rain has cleared up a little, and my wipers are just swiping at dry glass.


Reaching my fingers under the controls, I turn them off.


It’s dark out. Only the tapping sound of light rain hits my car now as it drives down the freeway. I take a turn at the next exit and slow up a little as my car rolls down the ramp. The roads are still wet.

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Air – Chapter 1

Air – Chapter 1

Now Boarding


‘Dear Mom,
I know it’s been a little while since we talked. I just wanted to say that I’m not angry with you. I get what you were going through. Really, I do. I feel like I’ve been going through the same thing these past few months. Luke is doing okay and I think he’s missing you. We really do want to see you, maybe catch up? I think dad’s been warming up to the idea, I’ve mentioned it once or-‘
In that moment she tore the paper up.
Barbara’s face scrunched up in annoyance. She held the shredded pieces of the note in her palms and stared at them intently.
It really wasn’t that bad… she reconsidered.
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At this moment, I’m wrapped up in some blankets with my head slightly leaned upward. I’m fighting the urge to go into this coughing fit once more. I have a cool cloth on my head, but my temperature is still much too high I’m sure. My head hurts, but I’m trying to ignore that while I watch some old sitcom marathon on TV.


My sprawled and long hair, well, a little past my shoulders and curly, has been placed up over the couch, so that my neck will cool down. Despite the heated and flushed feeling I have, my hands are very cold.

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